Well, we sure have had an eventful start to the month of March.  Many of you have have seen pictures on Facebook and in the news showing a small truck sitting halfway on the side walk and halfway inside of our grooming shop on Lodi Avenue.  We are all thankful that the shop was not open that day!  We are also thankful that the only damage caused was to the front windows.  All our tubs and equipment came out of the ordeal unscathed.  We were back up and running the next day.  Even though our view is a little obstructed by the plywood closing off the truck-sized hole in the building, we are counting our blessings!

I spoke with the driver of the truck a few days after the accident and found out that she was understandably shaken up but was physically okay.  That was wonderful news and something that I had been concerned about since she was taken away by ambulance before we got to the scene.  Her call was a very nice gesture and I'm glad to have heard from her.

A big thank you goes out to the Police Department, Fire Department, and other emergency responders there that day.  It was a bit of a rough day for all of us involved but they helped us through it.

As we were cleaning up the debris on the Saturday of the accident, we had so many concerned people stopping to talk with us.  Many were checking to see if everyone was okay and just as many were offering assistance with the clean-up.  Fellow business owners, neighboring businesses, and even a "competing" grooming shop all offered their help throughout the day.  It is heartwarming to see the compassion of our community.

Even though Lodi isn't so small anymore, we still have some of that small town mentality.  We were blessed to be reminded of that on Saturday.  Lodi has so many great attributes and great people.  I am proud to be born and raised here and Sunset Kennels is honored to call Lodi home.

- Candace H.


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